i think there is a hole in the world


Chet Baker - It’s Always You

chet baker blanket is a warm and wonderful blanket .

stay warm ( :

lo dear maria,
you are a deer. a dear deer!

well dear deer, just want to let you know that your music posts freeze my day and turn my cold blood gold! all so wonderful! wonderful!

i recently went to a rachael yamagata concert and though she blew my existence away..<3 it was more so her opening act that really gave me those eye closing head tilting mind melting vibes. he goes by the name of sanders bohlke. to be honest, i still haven’t checked out any of his official studio recorded music; his live performances are just that.. it. lool omg so lame i know i sound like a lame-o but just check him out i think he’s definitely worth a listen.

ohhh! and ms yamagata is quite the lovely being. like have you ever come across an existence so lovely, you know that regardless of whatever he/she/it was born as (sex species race) he/she/it would be just as lovely? kekke well my most favorite song of hers is you won’t let me and she told us the cutest story about it!

but im not going to tell you. nope. not until you come hoem!!! so take a little listen to the song and let your curiosity blossom (:

-creepy sue smile-

hi maweeyah
i wish i could talk to you instead typing it out bc my hands can’t keep up with my thoughts and ill like think of something to say but then ill forget it bc im like that you know always forgetting things even when they’re actually really important things like for example the fact that i don’t think i can make it out to pa to see you and goreeeeellllllla bc a coworker is going on a mission trip and there’s nobody else to fill in and i actually found out a while ago but i kept putting off on telling you bc i know not seeing me is just tearing away at your heppy little heart and i know what you’re thinking like ermagerd totes typical jue sang to disappear and go mia and suck at keeping in touch i know man i know i just took the words straight out of your lovely little noggin i really am sorry though moonflower really really ive been doing this stupid dance whether or not to talk to you and graceface or post things on the national gymnastics league and i dont know why i dont but im pretty sure it has a lot to do with the fact that high school was big and still continues to be big in my life when i should just move on and get over it but i really cant like i really messed up and i get anxious and sad which sucks so much bc i miss you i miss talking to you i was thinking of pulling out a michael fassbender on us but i was like NO WE’RE BETTER THAN THAT but tbh i dont think i am mymuuse anymore it just makes me dark and twisty but you’ll always be mymate and im going to get over this so please let me know when you com hoem so i can see you and we can talk and the supermoon was yesterday i was like woah i remember talking to you about it a yr ago crazy right like wowowow time man time and hehehhe hope you’re having bundles of joy deciphering this but really i tried my best to weed out the unnecessaries can you like let me know how you’re faring though bc my maternal instincts have been raging and i am a’wonderin about you and your job and your family and your studying and your music and your escapades and you mostly you so do me a favor and do it laria mee do it write me a post with little to no punctuation or filter or structure just do it bc i miss you and i am moonflower and you are moonflower

have a spoon full of the vibes and fight off the mopes with this song. tis by the mellowdrones and tis quite dear to me as of late. hope it helps. hope it vibes the right way. hope i haven’t been too unworthy of moonflower status. hope you are well. hope your grandmother is doing well. hope that wasn’t a weird hope. hope it was. hope for hope for all you need hoping for.

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project void.
well.. this is pleasant.

fidgeting fidgeting

don’t forget me..

how much more can the giving tree give? nothing is infinite so where does it stop?

why do people die. n o fair.